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Amazing Green Smoothies for Fat Loss

A common mistake people make when losing weight is skipping meals. This is a harmful method because your body becomes vulnerable to diseases. Also, performing weight loss this way can lead to muscle fatigue and irritability.

If you want to lose weight then you need to do it the right way. First, you need to change your diet to lose unwanted fats. Second, you supplement your meals with a delicious green smoothie weight loss recipe. Lastly, maintain an active healthy lifestyle to see quick results.

Here, you will know the different BeHealthy green smoothies that can help you lose fat, not weight.

Green Breath smoothie

A leading cause to why you quickly gain weight is because you consume too much calories. When your body contains an excessive amount of calories, the body will turn it to fat to use for later.

This untapped fat storage when left on its own will keep on increasing which also adds to your weight. To fix this, you need to lower your calorie intake so that your body only get what it needs.

A great smoothie with low calories is the green breath smoothie. Not only does this prevent asthma, the low calories found in celery helps your stomach feel full. Also, spinach in this drink contain essential nutrients to help your body detoxify.







Spinach and Avocado Smoothie

The avocado in this drink is a good substitute for saturated fat. This creamy fruit contains two healthy fats that you should have: monounsaturated and polyunsaturated.

The drink also has spinach which contains thylakoid that suppresses your cravings. In addition, the fiber-rich banana helps slow down your digestion.

The final ingredient of this healthy drink is milk. The low-fat version of milk is best to gain that slim belly. The benefits of adding milk is that your body can acquire calcium and vitamin D to decrease fat mass.






Banana Kale Smoothie

In this drink, the main ingredient is kale. The leafy green has high fiber levels to be efficient in suppressing hunger. Also, the protein that kale provides can help you build and repair muscles during your fat loss.

The berries can speed up your metabolism to increase the fat burning process. For example, if using raspberries, the ketones in the berry increase the adiponectin levels of your body to regulate metabolism.

Also, ketones are efficient in breaking down fat in cells. Then to finish the drink, a banana is added to boost your fiber.





Water or Ice

Alkalinity Bliss

This next concoction uses coconut water as substitute for other liquids. This is because coconut water can easily be absorbed by the body to quicken rehydration. Also, coconut water is diuretic meaning you reduce bloating.

The almond milk in the drink contains low calories making it a good substitute for other types of dairy products.

Additionally, the high fiber content of chia seeds can aid the fat burning process. Chia seeds can also absorb water inside your stomach to give you a full feeling.




Coconut Water

Almond Milk

Chia Seeds


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