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Urine Drug Tests: What Are They?

What is a Urine Drug Test?

A Urine Drug Screen (also known as a UDS) measures urine for the presence of certain illegal drugs and prescription medications, often done for pre-employment purposes and/or testing individuals who are suspected to have drug problems for evidence of drug use. It screens for alcohol, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, marijuana, cocaine, PCP, and opioids.

The procedure for a UDS is painless; individuals who are being tested will merely be asked to submit a urine sample for the testing center to analyze. To avoid falsified results brought by bringing in a ‘clean’ sample of urine, testing sites often take careful measures to make sure that nothing will be done to tweak or affect the urine samples.

The UDS is the most common type of drug test, because it is not as invasive as a blood test and can detect more long term use of drugs than saliva tests. For employers who seek drug testing for their (potential) employees or schools who want their students to take drug tests, urine drug tests are the most common choice.

Substance abuse can adversely affect mental health, behavior, and overall work performance. It is important for institutions and organizations to ensure that their places of work are safe and drug-free. A mandatory drug testing may be needed to accomplish. But it is often time-consuming to send employees to a drug testing laboratory. The good thing is that there are DIY drug test kits available for those who want to save on both time and money.

Urine Drug Test Kits

For organizations which want to have their members and potential employees to be drug tested but do not want to spend a lot of time and money on it, affordable and cost-efficient DIY drug test kits are available for their convenience. These are female-user friendly and can detect up tothirteen drugs and eight adulterants. offers products and services for drug testing including urine drug test kits. Their products and services promise instant results, with the same quality of testing as other laboratory drug tests.

They provide complete testing programs for security companies, rehabilitation facilities, schools, hospitals, government agencies, and businesses of all sizes. Companies who are new to drug testing will also be provided with a drug testing professional who can assist them with the testing process. Professional help is needed in administrating and interpreting the urine drug test results.

With custom made programs designed to meet any group’s drug test kit needs, offers one of the most comprehensive drug test programs.

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